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Chapter 63 Necklace

  • Professor Zhang glanced back at the chattering students and gestured for them to shut up.
  • After Yan Anmo finished speaking, Professor Zhang nodded with satisfaction. When he first learned that Yan Anmo was Bai Qihua's daughter earlier, he immediately felt prejudiced towards her. He assumed that a person like Bai Qihua would definitely have a bad daughter.
  • But, after listening to Yan Anmo, he discovered she was soft-spoken and humble without any trace of arrogance or pretense. Suddenly, he realized that he shouldn't have judged a book by its cover.
  • Su Ci's lips curved upwards slightly for a fleeting moment.
  • After class, Yan Anmo bit her lower lip and gently tidied her belongings; she wanted to leave before Su Ci woke up.
  • But, to her surprise, Su Ci grabbed onto her and dragged her back to her seat.
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