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Chapter 51 Difficult

  • Xi Corp. CEO's Office.
  • "Young Master, Bai Qihua is holding a press conference tomorrow. It will be a nationally broadcasted interview," Housekeeper Liu said as he placed Bai Qihua's schedule on Xi Zhiheng's desk. "Moreover, it will be during the prime time period right after the news."
  • Xi Zhiheng dropped the work he was doing and picked up the schedule to have a look.
  • "Young Master, we already missed a few chances. This is a rare opportunity. You--"
  • "En, I know," Xi Zhiheng said in a dull tone as he put the schedule down and continued to work.
  • "Young will have to take this step sooner or later..." Housekeeper Liu couldn't take it anymore. Over the past two months, Bai Qihua's good guy image had been improving and his philanthropy business had been growing. He had even been to multiple major university campuses to speak. But, Xi Zhiheng turned down several opportunities that had come his way.
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