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Chapter 484 On the Go

  • “Hmph!” Following a mix of a howl of rage and the sound of something cracking, an iPad was shattered into pieces on the floor.
  • In the United Kingdom, Ji Yiqing rose from her seat and swept all the documents on the table onto the floor. Only then did her anger slightly ebb.
  • “Hello, who’s this?” The irritating ringtone of her phone started ringing, and Ji Yiqing impatiently took the call.
  • “Hey, why do you sound so unfriendly? I bet you must be very angry right now huh.” An easygoing, carefree voice came from the other end.
  • “I was just about to go look for you.” Ji Yiqing turned around and plopped down on a beanbag, her right leg crossed over her left leg. “How are you still laughing after watching the news?”
  • “Is there anything wrong with that? Since it has already happened, there’s nothing we can do to stop it.”
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