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Chapter 479 Shocked

  • Mr. Xi narrowed his eyes. He didn't understand why Mr. Feng and his wife were here. However, he didn't bother to investigate further. “This is the Xi residence...”
  • “Dad.” Outside the door, Xi Zhiheng hurriedly interrupted his words and strode to Yan Anmo's side. He pulled her into his arms and whispered to her for a while before looking up at his father, whose expression was already darkening.
  • “Why did you come back?”
  • “Do I have to report to you when I return?” Mr. Xi had a sour expression on his face. “Look at what you did.”
  • Xi Zhiheng had an indifferent look as he looked at his father solemnly. “If you’re here because of my marriage to Anmo, great. Now, I don’t even need to send an invitation to you.”
  • “You!” Mr. Xi was furious. “I will never agree to your marriage with this scandalous, disrespectful woman with an unclear family background. She’s only with you for your money. Break up with her now!”
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