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Chapter 476 Return

  • Returning to his usual expressionless face, Feng Min nodded toward his assistant, having him empty his schedule for Yan Anmo’s wedding ceremony.
  • “Okay. I’ll get it done.” With that, his assistant was about to walk off when he was stopped by Feng Min. “I’m going out later in the afternoon. Do I have any parts scheduled later?”
  • After giving it a thought, his assistant shook his head. “Your parts for today are all scheduled in the morning and at night.”
  • Feng Min nodded. “You don’t have to come with me later.”
  • Looking at Feng Min who rose from his seat and went to get changed, the assistant gave his head a rub before voicing his acknowledgement and walking out. Anything was fine with him as long as his boss continued earning and paying his salary.
  • ‘Anmo, can we meet?’ At the library, Yan Anmo’s mind was fully occupied by the message she received from Feng Min ten minutes ago. Her head drooped in frustration as she looked at the mock test paper which she hadn’t even started. She switched on her phone and replied to him, ‘Sure, what time are you available? I don’t have classes later in the afternoon.’
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