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Chapter 468 Love Confession

  • Xi Zhiheng’s personal assistant cast a meaningful look at Housekeeper Liu and shook her head. Tsk, tsk, Miss Yan is indeed the greatest. My boss’ mood instantly became better because of her.
  • Housekeeper Liu smiled without saying a word. The charm of Miss Yan did work wonders.
  • At campus, Yan Anmo decided to suppress her curiosity and focused her attention on her books since she failed to get any answers from Xi Zhiheng.
  • After a short while, her phone started vibrating.
  • She checked the screen and found that Zhou was requesting to have a video call with her. Quickly grabbing her phone, she rejected the call before sending her a message: ‘I’m in the library. Wait for me.’ After that, she walked to the veranda outside the library.
  • “Hello, Zhou.” After finding a more secluded corner, she called Zhou back.
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