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Chapter 464 Anxious

  • In the morning, Yan Anmo was immersed in the world of knowledge. After having lunch, she then took a taxi to her private dressing room. Fortunately, the courses this semester were much more flexible, and there were no lessons on Friday afternoon.
  • “Should I start with the whole body first?” Yan Anmo’s personal attendant asked.
  • “Yeah, but I’m in a bit of a hurry; I have to leave before five o’clock.”
  • “No problem, I will definitely make you leave here beautifully.”
  • By four-thirty in the afternoon, Yan Anmo had a face full of sweet makeup; she opened the door and got in the car to head to the Xi Residence.
  • On the street, many stores had launched various special Valentine’s Day activities; some of the stores even played love songs on a loop, filling the air with love.
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