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Chapter 462 Well Behaved

  • Ming Yue felt numb, and she slid down against the wall with the sack over her head.
  • Yan Anmo, whose hand was still being held, didn’t rush over to her; she only felt some disappointment in her. Although Xi Zhiheng had asked her to be careful, she couldn’t bear it whenever she thought that Ming Yue was the first close friend she made.
  • Although she realized that something was wrong with Ming Yue today, she was still hopeful, thinking that she was wrong.
  • Unexpectedly, her Uncle Seven was indeed right; this girl had an ulterior motive for being her friend.
  • Soon, the police arrived very quickly. They held Ming Yue down, and arrested the two men in black who were still lying on the ground and seeing stars. Yan Anmo and the other two got into Tang Nianrui’s car and went to the police station to have their statements recorded.
  • “Alright, everything is done. We will notify you if needed, Mr. Xi. You may leave now.”
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