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Chapter 46 Provocation

  • Yan Anmo spent the rest of her vacation focused on her hobbies. By the time she received her acceptance letter from University A, it was almost time for the first semester to start.
  • During the summer vacation, Zhang Cheng invited Yan Anmo out a few times, but Xi Zhiheng refused to let her go every single time. However, as the first semester approached, Yan Anmo didn't think it was good to continue rejecting him.
  • "Uncle Seven, just let me go once, OK?" Yan Anmo clung to Xi Zhiheng like a koala. She had spent most of the last two months clinging to him.
  • Yan Anmo stared at Xi Zhiheng. She didn't understand why, but it seemed like he had been accompanying her every day over the last two months because he didn't have much work. But, this was good. If she could, she wished she could spend every moment with him.
  • Xi Zhiheng flipped the magazine in his hands and said calmly, "No."
  • "Why not? I'll only be gone for a little while. Just a little bit..." Yan Anmo stretched out her finger and squinted as she tried to measure the amount.
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