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Chapter 453 Storm Into

  • She stood up and said, “Since you have tons of money and nowhere else to spend it, I won’t pay for the tea. Oh, yeah, I’m an actress indeed. If you’re so noble, I hope you don’t look for actors and actresses to shoot marketing commercials for your business for the rest of your life. And lastly, I just want to tell you that I don’t give a damn about the Feng Family and your money. Being rich really isn’t such a big deal nowadays!” Tired of talking to him, Yan Anmo left immediately.
  • If she didn’t leave now, Yan Anmo was worried that she might not be able to resist the urge to splash the tea at the middle-aged man sitting opposite her.
  • What Feng Family? Right at that very moment, she really hoped that the DNA Paternity Test Report Feng Min had shown her was fake. What an odd family! She simply didn’t want anything to do with the family.
  • Yan Anmo thought that Madam Feng was rather nice; at the very least, she was polite to her. However, what kind of attitude did Feng Min’s father show her just now? Acting all proud and arrogant like that, he even looked at her in a disgusted way; it was as if she was some kind of lowly person as trivial as those wild weeds grown in fields. It was as though she was not worthy of his respect.
  • With a sullen look on his face, Feng Tianhao sat there, glancing after the woman’s figure. He smacked his palm on the table furiously. “She’s very insolent indeed.”
  • Yan Anmo became even more upset after she went out of the restaurant. Without hesitating, she called Feng Min straight away, not considering whether he was busy filming on set.
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