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Chapter 450 Fans

  • She must be green with envy deep down inside, the person thought to herself.
  • Another person picked up the conversation, saying, “She is no gold-collar worker. Don’t you know? She is a celebrity. There was a big fuss over her on the Internet a while ago.”
  • “Celebrity? What celebrity?” asked the envious waitress immediately.
  • A few other people chimed in, “That’s right—no wonder she looks so familiar to me.”
  • “I can’t remember who she is, but there were quite a lot of scandals about her at the time. Her name used to be on the list of trending topics every day, and was hardly out of it. But now, there seems to be no word about her.”
  • Upon hearing her words, the envious waitress let out a cold snort inwardly. “Ha! The way I see it, she must have used the casting couches.”
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