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Chapter 449 Gossiping

  • As long as she was happy, it did not matter who won or lost.
  • After nearly an hour, he heard her cheering happily, “Ah, I have won! Hahaha, you must agree to one of my requests.”
  • Pointing at Xi Zhiheng’s headless snowman, Yan Anmo laughed heartily; she then reached out her hand to scoop up a snowball before throwing it at him.
  • Xi Zhiheng raised his brows. Cracking his knuckles, he curled his lips into a faint smile. “Any condition is fine with me, but you can’t make surprise attacks on me.” As he said that, he scooped up a snowball and ran toward her.
  • His actions scared Yan Anmo into running forward while shouting, “Ahh!”
  • In an instant, sounds of laughter and snowballs being thrown around echoed through the yard. Inside the house, Auntie Liu and Housekeeper Liu were leaning by the side of the window; the corners of their mouths curved into smiles without them realizing as they watched the couple playing together with no concern for their images.
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