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Chapter 448 A Glimmer of a Smile

  • “There are no issues with Madam; she only had a shock and will regain consciousness soon.”
  • Upon hearing this, Feng Tianhao became angrier as his beloved woman had never been frightened as such. Hence, he pointed his finger at Feng Min’s face and said, “Look at you—what exactly did you say to your mother? Why did she have such a huge shock? She has never suffered like this in her entire life.”
  • Feng Min furrowed his brows and did not say anything.
  • Beside him, Mrs. Liu tried to talk Feng Tianhao around in order for him to stop making a fuss. After a while, he finally calmed down and Madam Feng regained consciousness too.
  • “Mom, how are you feeling now?” Feng Min asked anxiously.
  • Madam Feng opened her eyes and felt her mind blank. When she saw Feng Min standing before her, she grabbed his hands at once. “My son, you said that your younger sister is Yan Anmo; Yan Anmo is your younger sister.”
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