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Chapter 445 Helping Somebody

  • Looking at the girl cheerfully heading inside, Xi Zhiheng smiled to himself as he shook his head. He regained his cold composure a moment later and said, “Let’s go to the company.”
  • The chauffeur responded and stepped on the accelerator. In a matter of seconds, the car sped off into the distance.
  • It was a shame that Yan Anmo couldn’t see the quick change of his facial expression. Otherwise, she would have suspected that he had secretly learnt the art of changing facial expressions in the Sichuan Opera before.
  • As Yan Anmo entered the campus, the school bell rang, but it didn’t make her nervous. All of her classes only started from the next period onward. Leaning against the wall, she breathed a sigh of relief after seeing the car disappearing into the distance. She was lucky that she was able to escape or she could forget about attending class today.
  • She turned around and started walking toward the academic building when she heard someone in a state of panic. This was followed by a couple of painful shouts. Yan Anmo turned toward the direction of the screams and spotted a small walkway. A lady had slipped on the path and was clutching her ankle in pain. Without thinking much, Yan Anmo ran toward the lady to see if she could offer her assistance.
  • “Madam, what happened? Did you sprain your ankle?”
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