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Chapter 444 Affection

  • The series of events that occurred never provided Yan Anmo with a chance to speak up. In a fit of anger, she threw a pillow at the door. “Oh, man, I’m feeling dizzy. I must have used too much strength.” She fell onto the mattress as she said this and softly groaned. What a b*stard Xi Zhiheng is!
  • Xi Zhiheng did not mention anything about Feng Min to Yan Anmo a couple of days later, not even the incident that happened that day. Yan Anmo was in a good mood and it seemed as if she had forgotten about what had happened. As for the couple themselves, their awkward interactions should not be described.
  • Meanwhile, at the Feng Residence, Madam Feng took actions of her own. She did not question Feng Min this time around, but instead sent someone to investigate Yan Anmo yesterday. She was seated on the couch and reading a book while waiting for the results of the investigation.
  • “Madam, someone has delivered a letter.”
  • Madam Feng took the letter and dismissed the maid. She then tore open the envelope to have a look inside.
  • She frowned as she read the letter with anger boiling inside her. As she threw the envelope onto the ground, it landed with a smack and the photos inside scattered all over on the floor. Taking a look at the envelope, it contained photos that were taken of Yan Anmo’s previous scandal where she was set up by someone. However, Madam Feng didn’t know that it was merely a misunderstanding.
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