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Chapter 44 Concern

  • "Young Master?" Housekeeper Liu asked when he noticed Xi Zhiheng in a daze. "Should we move the plan forward?"
  • Xi Zhiheng drew back his emotions. It was time to think about the thing that he didn't want to think about the most. He had painstakingly designed everything for the sake of revenge; to remove Bai Qihua's mask in front of the public, destroy his reputation, and turn him into a publicly scrutinized liar.
  • He had gathered a lot of evidence, but Bai Qihua's perfect image had already been deep rooted in everyone's hearts and they weren't enough to completely destroy him.
  • Xi Zhiheng's trump card and most important tool, was Yan Anmo.
  • "Soon." Xi Zhiheng knew things had reached a point where it could end perfectly, but he still felt that Yan Anmo could not survive on her own.
  • After his plan was complete, everyone would know Yan Anmo's real identity. They would all look at her with prejudice and she would no longer have what she currently possessed; her life would turn dark.
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