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Chapter 437 Revelation

  • Ji Qianlin remained silent as he gazed tenderly at the girl opposite him, who lowered her head while weeping and wiping tears off her cheeks. Allowing her to pull his shirt, he listened to her bitter complaints and laments as she continued to vent her anger out and channeled her angst into cries. He would stay by her side, providing shelter and support for his younger sister, standing strong like a huge mountain, regardless of what happened or how long it had passed.
  • After a while, the sob in the car grew quieter.
  • “Yiqing, are you hungry?” Ji Qianlin asked in a gentle voice.
  • The girl, who heard her older brother’s words, blushed in embarrassment. She still cried and complained things to her brother even though she was already an adult. She moved her lips, trying to say something, but in the end, she simply nodded in silence.
  • Ji Qianlin smiled at Ji Yiqing as he caressed her hair. Then, he turned and started the car engine.
  • When they returned to the apartment, they talked about the matter of them being forbidden by their father to meddle in the company’s business.
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