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Chapter 434 Arrogance

  • The speedy Internet of the apartment enabled the immediate transfer of pictures following several clicks on the phone by its mistress. Ding! In the Ji Residence, Ji Yiqing’s cell phone rang as she received a message. Staring at the screen of the phone, a furious look crossed the woman’s face immediately.
  • “Xi Minghao, you shameless scumbag!” The woman hurled her cell phone across the room, which sent the phone flying along a trajectory and landed on the soft bed in the room. Fortunately, it was not broken. The screen was lit up, showing Ji Yiqing’s nude photos all over it. The photos were taken from every direction, including the ones showing her face and the ones showing her back.
  • Overwhelmed with fury, Ji Yiqing then tossed all the stuff on the table to the floor fiercely. Despite tossing things around in her room, the overwhelming feeling of rage, embarrassment and humiliation within Ji Yiqing didn’t go away. She sat on the floor for a few minutes before she got to her feet again quickly and leaped onto her bed to find her cell phone. She called Xi Minghao immediately. After the phone rang twice, she was about to shout at Xi Minghao when she heard an automated voice saying, “The number you have dialed cannot be reached at the moment. Please try again later.”
  • Ji Yiqing’s eyes widened when she finally realized that Xi Minghao planned this from the beginning. It was his plan to get back at her. She smirked as a cruel look flashed through her eyes. She turned and went downstairs quickly. Taking the car keys with her, she stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind her.
  • Driving at a high speed, Ji Yiqing rushed to Xi Minghao’s apartment.
  • Bang! Bang! Bang! Ji Yiqing banged on the door as she shouted continuously, “Xi Minghao, open the door! Xi Minghao!” She continued banging on the door. “I know you’re in there. Xi Minghao, just open the door if you’re not a wimp!”
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