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Chapter 430 Nervous

  • “How could you have such an idea?” Xi Zhiheng knitted his brows and squeezed Yan Anmo’s wrist tightly.
  • “Put yourself in my shoes. If your heart is ripped to shreds by the woman you love the most, would you still have the motivation and courage to keep on living?” Yan Anmo didn’t look up, but there was a touch of sadness in her tone of voice as she spoke.
  • Just like the way some wounds would still ache during the rainy days even though they had healed, such was the pain that Yan Anmo was still feeling now.
  • Xi Zhiheng tightened his lips and put on a gloomy expression on his face. After what seemed like an eternity, he uttered, “I’m sorry.”
  • Yan Anmo smiled instead. “Never mind. It’s all over now. Aren’t we doing fine right now? Su Ci is my friend, so I hope that you could treat him politely.”
  • Xi Zhiheng’s face instantly fell at the mention of Su Ci, for he was reminded that Su Ci also stayed in this apartment. “Go back to our home and stay there.”
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