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Chapter 423 In Vain

  • “I know that,” muttered Yan Anmo under her breath.
  • Tang Nianrui let out a long sigh of relief as he was no longer running a one-man show here at last. “Don’t be angry—I mean, don’t be angry at me. Get out of bed. It will be stuffy under the blanket if you keep yourself under it for such a long time. Besides, the hot chocolate that I made for you is getting cold. You mustn’t be so downcast while celebrating the Spring Festival.”
  • He dragged Yan Anmo out of her bed as he spoke. Then, he took the cup of hot chocolate from the table and put it in her hands.
  • Yan Anmo crawled out of bed, took the cup of hot chocolate and took a drink of it. Then, she put the cup back on the table and walked to the door.
  • “Where are you going, Anmo?” asked Tang Nianrui.
  • Yan Anmo neither answered him nor stopped in her tracks. She opened the door and walked downstairs before looking icily at Xi Zhiheng, who was sitting on the sofa. After that, she trotted to open the door and walked outside.
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