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Chapter 419 Embrace

  • After the two of them had finished eating, they said goodbye to Miss Zhuang. Yan Anmo took the New Year’s gift from Miss Zhuang before getting into the car, and the both of them went home after stopping by at the supermarket to buy some goods for Chinese New Year.
  • Putting the shopping bags on the table, Yan Anmo began to organize the goods.
  • “Feng Min, there are lots of discounts at the shopping mall during Chinese New Year. You see, I bought this at about eighty or ninety previously.”
  • Feng Min looked at the chocolate gift bag in Yan Anmo’s hand, and shook his head helplessly.
  • After sorting out the various snacks, vegetables and fruits, Yan Anmo was in a dilemma while holding the couplet. “Feng Min, do we paste the couplet now?”
  • Feng Min took it and said, “Let’s wait until Chinese New Year’s Eve. Then, we’ll tear off last year’s couplet to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new.”
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