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Chapter 418 Accompany

  • Feng Min forced a faint smile and lowered his head to take a sip of the soup.
  • For a moment, silence followed in the small kitchen; a hint of sadness filled the air.
  • Sensing the weird atmosphere, Yan Anmo glanced at Feng Min who was sitting across from her. Then, she changed the subject and talked about something else.
  • “You know what, Feng Min? Zhou’s brother is very funny; he is always teasing Zhou. He just hit Zhou with a big snowball during our video call earlier. Zhou also sent me a WeChat message saying that her brother had pushed her into the snowdrift, and she was so angry that she put snow directly into his shirt, hahaha.”
  • Seeing Yan Anmo’s efforts to change the mood, Feng Min eased his expression and acted in concert with her.
  • “Really? Let’s go for a snowball fight together in a few days.”
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