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Chapter 416 Spreading Rumors

  • “Come on, I’ll tell you what to do. Don’t panic when you encounter such a situation in the future, and just do as I teach you.” Feng Min beckoned to Yan Anmo, who had just come out.
  • Yan Anmo sat on the sofa obediently and listened to Feng Min’s solution.
  • “I’ll film a video later without revealing that this is your house.” After Yan Anmo nodded her head, he continued, “After I post the video, you can post a written statement and contact your previous lawyer.”
  • Yan Anmo nodded, and the two swung into action.
  • Feng Min began the video recording, which showed his upper body directly, and said to the camera, “Hello everyone, I am Feng Min. Anmo is my sworn sister, and my house is on the floor above Anmo’s. We came back together because I injured my arm.” Slapping his arm, he then said, “Please don’t follow these rumors, thank you.”
  • After he finished speaking, he ended the video and looked at Yan Anmo, who was sitting on the side with a slightly opened mouth and raised eyebrows. “What’s the matter?” he asked as he posted the video.
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