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Chapter 414 Guidance

  • “Ahem, I’m only here for the food.”
  • Hearing this, Yan Anmo lowered her head and drank the porridge with a judgmental expression on her face while she rolled her eyes; Feng Min had noticed it and smiled to himself. For a while, the three of them merely ate in silence.
  • After Liu Yue finished eating half an hour later, Yan Anmo stood up to clean the dishes. Feng Min had wanted to help, but the back of his hand was hit.
  • “Don’t touch it, Feng Min. Just let me do it. You should get up and walk around; I will do the dishes, before fetching some water.”
  • “That’s right, Young Master. Your arm is still injured, so let your good sister clean up. I will sit on the balcony with you,” Liu Yue took the opportunity to answer.
  • Yan Anmo glanced at her, secretly curling her mouth. “Well, Feng Min, you should go to the balcony to get some fresh air.”
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