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Chapter 401 Choose

  • “Then why are you telling me all these, Young President Xi?” asked Ying Lu calmly. Placing the wine glass on the table, Ying Lu interlocked his fingers before placing them on his stomach.
  • Xi Minghao sat upright and squinted at the man beside him. With a smile, he replied, “I-I just want you to guard yourself against him, President Ying. If an opportunity arrives in the future, we can go against President Xi, who is at the apex of his power, together.”
  • Ying Lu sneered at him. “Did the two of you have some disagreements in the past?”
  • “Disagreements?” Xi Minghao chuckled. “In the business world, who would be able to say that they don’t not have disagreements with someone else? I’m only worried that when our business blooms, there will be people who will have an aversion to us; those people will eventually come and create trouble for us. I’ve heard that President Xi’s methods are evil and menacing.”
  • With that, Xi Minghao leaned backward. “So, President Ying, don’t you think that you should be putting up your guard against him in advance?”
  • Ying Lu burst into laughter. “Very well, very well. Indeed, I did not misjudge you. You’re a man of vision and strategies.”
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