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Chapter 399 Unite by Marriage

  • “Dad, the business world is like a battleground. We haven’t gotten it for sure. Everything is still uncertain. Why did you…”
  • Looking at his daughter behaving this way, Mr. Ji knew that he had crossed the line. However, he could not contain the happiness within him. As long as he could secure the bill from Ying Lu, his Ji Family would rise higher in the business industry. Who did the Xi Family think they were?
  • “Sigh… I’m in a good mood, so have a couple of drinks with me. Just a couple of drinks.”
  • Ji Yiqing could not argue with him. She was thinking about how Ying Lu had never rejected her invitations too. Furthermore, there was an implication within his words that he wanted to choose the Ji Family. Even if this didn’t have a success rate of 90 percent, it would still have 70 or 80 percent at the very least. Feeling complacent, she accepted Mr. Ji’s invitation and started drinking with him in the end, after chiding her father for a bit more.
  • “I mustn’t drink too much. I still have to wake up early tomorrow morning to go to Ying Corporation.”
  • “Alright. No problem.”
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