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Chapter 395 Investigation

  • “Of course not. This is our personal feud, so it has nothing to do with you, President Ying,” Ji Yiqing made a simple explanation.
  • Ying Lu pretended to breathe a sigh of relief as he replied, “That’s great to hear, then shall we continue?”
  • “Of course.”
  • After this day, Ji Yiqing and Xi Minghao threw all the friendship they had out of the window. Before the bidding would start, they did everything they could in an attempt to make Ying Lu an ally.
  • “Hahaha! You should have seen how they were buttering up to me. Holy sh*t, they were laughable.” As he sat in his study, Ying Lu guffawed at his phone. “Yeah, everything’s going as planned. Just make sure the preparations are done on your side.
  • Ying Lu’s correspondent said something to him before the call ended. A few days later, Ying Lu summoned his secretary to his office when he thought the time was ripe. “Will there be any appointments with Xi Minghao and Ji Yiqing in the next few days?”
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