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Chapter 393 Win Her Back

  • “I’ll take it from here, so all of you can scram now. Just leave the things here.”
  • “Humph!” Sneering as she looked at Xiang Ming, who was unbuttoning his shirt, Miao Kui waved a hand at everyone, and they all dispersed.
  • Her eyes red, Yan Anmo struggled mightily until the back of her hands were scraped by the tree bark, unable to speak since she was gagged.
  • “Tsk-tsk, I’ve told you to be mine, but you declined. Don’t worry, I’ll treat you well.”
  • Just as Xiang Ming was about to reach out and rip her clothes, he was pinned to the ground by plainclothes policemen, who’d rushed over. “Stay still, and don’t move.”
  • It turned out that after the police received the information from Song Yufei, they knew that this wasn’t a simple matter, thus they sent a squad of plainclothes policemen to the location indicated by Yan Anmo and rescued her just in the nick of time.
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