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Chapter 386 Sister

  • The elderly lady remained dazed for a moment before she lifted her head and looked at Feng Min. When she came to her senses, she started to weep woefully. “Thank you so much, young man. I truly don’t know what I would’ve done if it weren’t for you.”
  • There must be something very important in the purse that she valued so much.
  • “I never thought that you’d be so brave earlier. It was truly a rare sight to behold.” Yan Anmo patted Feng Min’s arm in mild astonishment.
  • Actually, she’d seen Feng Min’s every move just now, but she was a smidge curious as to why he knew martial arts. Therefore, she couldn’t help but ask, “How did you know martial arts? I didn’t know you are so talented in that field.”
  • Momentarily taken aback, Feng Min then lowered his head. “I learned it when I was young.”
  • Yan Anmo nodded as though she’d suddenly understood. But soon after that, she had stars in her eye, seemingly truly envious of him. “I want to learn martial arts too.”
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