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Chapter 382 A Minor Issue

  • Yan Anmo sighed in defeat as she offered Yang Meng her consolation. “Everybody has been through tough times like this. If you can survive this challenge, you will definitely be alright. My skills were bad too, but nothing was impossible with perseverance. Yang Meng, you have to believe in yourself.”
  • Yang Meng said nothing but she looked sorrowful as she remained in Yan Anmo’s embrace. Yan Anmo hadn’t the heart to tell her the truth about her performance, and even the director seemed to be holding himself back from telling her due to her connection with Mango Pudding. Yan Anmo wouldn’t want to hurt Yang Meng with her own words, especially when Yang Meng had helped her before.
  • “Yo, aren’t you the producer’s sister? Why are you crying here?” A few of the casts came to them, seemingly well prepared. Yan Anmo held onto Yang Meng in alertness as she stared at them with a cold expression.
  • “Why do you even bother defending her? Despite being the producer’s sister, the director wouldn’t let her stay in the team given that she performed so badly.” They giggled with a hand over their mouths while sarcasm was radiating from their eyes.
  • Yang Meng was startled. The cup fell from her hand and dropped on the ground with a clanking sound.
  • Immediately, Yan Anmo held her closely. “Don’t listen to their nonsense. You did a satisfactory job and, believe me, you will be fine as long as you persevere.”
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