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Chapter 380 Woman

  • Yan Anmo heaved a sigh of relief nonetheless. “When will you be free? I would like to dine with you as a token of my gratitude.” Yan Anmo’s breathing quickened as she was afraid of Tang Nianrui’s refusal.
  • “No problem, when would it be?” He agreed to it almost too readily which hit Anmo as being unnatural, but he reacted to it swiftly. “How about this coming noon if you are available?”
  • “Alright.”
  • They quickly made their arrangements, but Yan Anmo was slightly troubled as she was trying to decide if she needed to get him another gift. Although Feng Min had not technically accepted them, it seemed quite rude to have gifted them to another person. Therefore, she decided to get something new after some hesitation in order to show her sincerity.
  • In the meantime, Tang Nianrui had a candid smile on his face as he hung up, feeling fortunate that Yan Anmo did not suspect anything. He put on his tie and observed the handsome man in the mirror. “I won’t be back for lunch.”
  • “Yes, Mr. Tang.”
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