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Chapter 377 Hurt

  • Zhao’s face reddened in anger; he was having a hard time breathing while Feng Min’s men were suppressing his arms. It would have felt better to end his life on the spot. Mu Hong couldn’t help but tremble upon witnessing Feng Min’s hostility. Her heart sank upon looking at her surroundings while pondering on her options.
  • Yan Anmo! She glared at Anmo, who was observing the scene unfolding before her. She would have fled with her money by now if it wasn’t for this woman! Why didn’t the drug work?
  • “Since this has happened...” Feng Min harrumphed and signaled for the two to be gagged and tied up. They were then left in different corners of the room with their phones confiscated.
  • He brought Yan Anmo away with an icy look without heeding Mu Hong’s pale countenance and Zhao’s pleads. “Release them after a few days.” Two of his men nodded and stood guard on each side of the door.
  • “Is this okay?” Yan Anmo tilted her head as she was worried that the scoundrels might take revenge.
  • Feng Min nodded. “I’m not afraid of them. Not at all.”
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