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Chapter 37 As Expected

  • Yan Anmo received a fright and hid in Xi Zhiheng's arms for a long time before she calmed down a little. However, her body was still slightly trembling.
  • Xi Zhiheng brought her back to his room and looked at her in his arms. She was like a frightened little rabbit and it made the pain in his heart grow.
  • "Uncle Seven..." Yan Anmo did not want to leave his arms.
  • "I don't like this place. Can you take me away from here?" Yan Anmo choked on her words a little as she pleaded with her red eyes.
  • The experience she just went through was too frightening. She didn't want to think about it at all. The more she thought about it, the more she fell apart.
  • Xi Zhiheng closed his eyes and slowly took a breath as he tried to calm his emotions.
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