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Chapter 367 Ruthless

  • The waiter relaxed, sized him up, and found that the two looked indeed alike. Only then did he say with a smile, “Forgive me, sir, I didn’t mean to suspect you on purpose. It was just a form of protection toward that lady.”
  • After all, although the public security in the UK was good, there were still countless people seeking revenge.
  • Noticing Feng Min’s impatience, the waiter didn’t hide from him any further and said quickly, “The lady has just been taken away by another gentleman. They looked like a couple—maybe he’s your sister’s boyfriend.”
  • In a presidential suite of a hotel, Xi Zhiheng closed the door while holding Yan Anmo in his arms.
  • After returning to China, her weight had hardly increased, so she was shockingly light.
  • Xi Zhiheng’s face darkened, but Yan Anmo—who was drunk—didn’t notice at all; she was staring at him with her misty eyes. After a long time, she quietly reached out and touched his sexy Adam’s apple.
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