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Chapter 365 Stimulation

  • Yan Anmo waved her hand in a gesture of acknowledgement and walked out with Feng Min, who was walking with her.
  • Yan Anmo was not as popular in the UK as she was in China, so there were not many people who knew her. However, Feng Min was an international superstar; he had a large fan base in the UK, so the two of them still covered themselves tightly when they went out.
  • Leading Feng Min to a Western restaurant, Yan Anmo raised her eyebrows and introduced, “I heard from the crew that the steaks here are very good. Mr. Feng, feel free to eat whatever you want.”
  • Feng Min said with a gentle expression, “I will.”
  • While talking and laughing, the two of them found a place to sit down. Meanwhile, Tang Nianrui, who was outside the glass door, slightly widened his eyes; he soon realized that he did not see it wrongly after rubbing his eyes several times.
  • However, why is Anmo here in the UK all of a sudden?
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