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Chapter 347 Conclusion

  • After discussing with Tang Nianrui, the doctor was prepared to give Yan Anmo a nutrients injection based on her current situation. If she continued to get skinnier, she might suffer from anorexia. Yan Anmo knew that the doctor and Tang Nianrui were doing this for her own health. She also couldn’t turn down Tang Nianrui pleading eyes, so she could only nod and agree to it.
  • Tang Nianrui had no other options for her insomnia problem but to allow her to be given injections to induce sleep. The nurse, who also knew about Yan Anmo’s condition, felt sorry for this woman. Every time before giving the injections to her, she would keep her company and chat with her, hoping that she would have a sweet dream.
  • The weather had become colder. Yan Anmo would always stare at the maple leaves outside, daydreaming. This maple tree was still lush the day she was hospitalized. However, half a month later, half of the maple leaves on the tree had already fallen.
  • With a gust of cold wind, the remaining leaves also fell to the ground.
  • “Anmo, I bought you your favorite barley and red date porridge. Do you want some?” Tang Nianrui’s voice echoed in Yan Anmo’s ears, but there was no response from her. She was still staring at the swaying maple leaves that were seemingly about to fall.
  • Winter had arrived and the leaves had wilted; she had lost Uncle Seven. Was there still any purpose of living?
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