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Chapter 343 Loathsome

  • Upon hearing this, the edges of Yan Anmo’s eyes turned red and she slumped into the couch beside her. She mumbled, “Where exactly has Uncle Seven gone? Perhaps, it’s true that he’s gotten into a relationship with Ji Yiqing and left with her? If it’s true, why didn’t he just tell me personally? Once he tells me, I’ll leave without hesitation. Without hesitation…”
  • The more she talked, the softer her voice became.
  • Leaving? It’s easier said than done. Can I really do it?
  • As she had been staying by Xi Zhiheng’s side ever since she was young, she had already developed deep feelings for Xi Zhiheng. How could she possibly leave as she said?
  • Since Tang Nianrui watched Yan Anmo grow up too, he felt upset upon seeing her current state. Hence, he could only keep on comforting her while asking someone else to ask about Xi Zhiheng’s news.
  • Inside an office of Xi Corporation’s branch, Xi Minghao was obviously in a good mood with his lips curled into a grin.
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