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Chapter 340 Fooled

  • Yan Anmo still had a strange feeling even though Feng Min had repeatedly brought the topic of her birth parents up. Feeling doubtful, she asked, “Mr. Feng, why do you keep asking me about this? Just let me tell you frankly, I still hold the same opinion as before.”
  • Upon hearing Yan Anmo’s reply, Feng Min knew that he had been too anxious. Hence, he could only smooth things over by saying, “The reason why I asked you a few times about this is because I’m curious. Please don’t take it to heart.”
  • Knowing that Feng Min was never a nosy person, Yan Anmo was still doubtful after hearing his explanation. However, it would also be rude for her to probe into it since Feng Min had no plans to talk further about this. However, she could not help but feel uncomfortable because this was her personal affairs.
  • Feng Min cursed himself in his heart upon seeing Yan Anmo’s expression. Then, he told her smilingly, “Okay, I’m going now. I still have something on later.”
  • Just when Feng Min got into his car after saying goodbye to Yan Anmo, he received a call from the hospital that asked him to go and collect the DNA test’s results. Being taken by surprise, Feng Min became a bit flustered, but he still drove to the hospital as fast as he could; no matter how the results were, he needed to know.
  • When the doctor saw Feng Min walking into the hospital, he handed a file packet to him while saying, “Just check the results by yourself.”
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