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Chapter 339 Resistance

  • Upon hearing the latter part of Mr. Xi’s sentence, Xi Minghao got a head rush and felt his emotions getting out of control. What does he mean by saying the word ‘nobody’? Who’s a nobody? Me?
  • Mr. Xi frowned when he turned his gaze to Xi Minghao. He said, “Haven’t I asked you to settle that woman? Why couldn’t you even handle something so easy? And now you still brought these things up on purpose? Can’t you do anything right?!”
  • Xi Minghao really felt that his uncle had a bias against him. How can Mr. Xi still put in a good word for Xi Zhiheng in front of these uncles when he was the one who had angered him so much that it even caused him to be sent to the hospital, even if he was Mr. Xi’s own son? How could he still accuse me for not being able to do anything right? Currently, Xi Minghao only wished to grab someone and hit him like a punchbag. Unfortunately, the current circumstances did not allow him to do so.
  • He lowered his eyes to hide the coldness in them. When he looked up again, he had already plastered a smile on his face and even said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Uncle. It’s indeed my fault this time.”
  • After hearing Xi Minghao’s answer, Mr. Xi was probably satisfied with it as he snorted and did not look at him anymore.
  • Once again, Mr. Xi turned his gaze to all the relatives around and said, “It was just a loss of a few hundred million. Have you all forgotten the business partnerships that Xi Zhiheng negotiated and the huge revenue that he brought to our Xi Corporation throughout these years? When he was only a teenager, he was already capable of getting several deals worth a few hundred million respectively. Have you all forgotten about it?” From Mr. Xi’s tone, he seemed to be feeling proud.
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