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Chapter 338 Comparison

  • Mr. Xi’s elder cousin was surprised by Xi Minghao’s words. “What?”
  • Xi Minghao cleared his throat. “This is what happened. Because we share the same marketing target of youngsters as the main customers for both of our businesses, I couldn’t help myself but did a little research on Zhiheng since he’s really talented in doing business.”
  • Although Xi Minghao gritted his teeth in frustration when he said the word ‘talented’, he couldn’t let such a golden opportunity to backstab Xi Zhiheng slip through his fingers easily. So, he continued to exaggerate the matter. “I heard he cares about Yan Anmo very much. He did a lot of outrageous things because of her. For example, Zhiheng spent a fortune to acquire the entertainment company, HM Entertainment, and changed its name to AM Entertainment, just because Yan Anmo wanted to enter the entertainment industry.”
  • The syllables ‘AM’ carried an obvious meaning of ‘Loving Anmo’. It was a simple and straightforward way Xi Zhiheng showed his affection for Yan Anmo. Now, ironically, the name became the most interesting part of Xi Minghao’s plan to backstab Xi Zhiheng.
  • He told the elder members of the Xi Family about everything he knew while greatly exaggerating some of the details in the matters. His words made his uncles’ faces look even grimmer as they frowned in extreme worry.
  • Xi Minghao pretended to feel sorry for Xi Zhiheng while he sighed. He continued, “I know it’s bad for me to say this behind Zhiheng’s back, but he really went too far this time. He used to be such a calm and composed person. But now, he actually turned into someone like that because of a woman. I really can’t bring myself to watch him losing himself like that.”
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