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Chapter 336 Fury

  • He then spent a substantial amount of money to buy in a few shareholders that cooperated with Xi Corporation. Once the discussions were over, Mr. Ji took a hot cup of tea and sat on the sofa, relaxed. The wrinkles on his face eased.
  • Meanwhile, Xi Zhiheng had just disembarked from his plane when he immediately caught sight of Tang Nianrui, who was striding quickly over to him. It was as though he half had a thought to just rush over to Xi Zhiheng with the speed he was walking.
  • Xi Zhiheng narrowed his eyes slightly and took a step back. He said coldly, “You should stop. I’m straight.”
  • Tang Nianrui—who had come bounding over out of concern—stiffened imperceptibly, but then he looked scandalized. “Zhiheng, come on. Why are you saying such cheesy things now? Do you know that something happened over at Xi Corporation?”
  • “No.” Xi Zhiheng’s expression remained unchanged, neither hurried nor bothered.
  • Tang Nianrui knew Xi Zhiheng’s personality, so he just gave in and took his phone out of his pocket. He opened a web page and handed his phone over, his mouth never ceasing at as he did so. “A few hours ago, a few companies that had been collaborating with Xi Corporation suddenly posted an announcement saying that the robots that Xi Corporation developed have safety-related flaws to them. They’ve been good at spreading this; a few other cooperating companies have already decided to terminate their existing contracts after hearing this.”
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