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Chapter 332 Blackmail

  • “Who’s currently maintaining order at the shop? Is anything else affected?” Yan Anmo quickly made her way over, her face obscured by a pair of sunglasses and a mask. People who weren’t familiar with her wouldn’t have been able to recognize her.
  • Song Yufei relaxed and answered, “No, there’s staff handling the shop. We can still hold onto the fort.”
  • He had actually sneaked out during this busy time. Seeing how the crowd looked as though they were about to force their way in, Song Yufei said after some time, “I’ll calm them down first. You can get in through the back door. We’ll meet inside later.”
  • “Okay.” After Yan Anmo agreed, the two of them split off and headed in different directions.
  • There was a fair distance between her and the back door of the stationery shop, but Yan Anmo didn’t mind. The path to the door was empty, perhaps because everyone else had gathered at the front entrance.
  • The rabble of the crowd nearby slowly grew distant, and her surroundings soon quietened. Yan Anmo tugged at the mask on her face. Just as she was about to make a move, a hand suddenly shot out from the alley next to her and covered her nose and mouth, and she was dragged behind.
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