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Chapter 331 Bitter Tears of Sorrow

  • Knowing very well what Xi Zhiheng was capable of, Yan Anmo waved her hand immediately. She explained automatically, “No, no, the lady officers were very nice to me.” I mustn’t let Uncle Seven get the police officers wrong. I must distract him with something else, or else things will get really serious.
  • Believing what she had on her mind was a good idea, Yan Anmo wrapped her arms around Xi Zhiheng’s arm. Being sweet and considerate, she suggested cheerfully, “You have been waiting here for quite a while, right? What do you want to eat later? My treat!”
  • When she was hospitalized, all she did besides sleeping and reading novels was eating. Although her weight increased by a few kilograms, it made her become aware of the importance of eating; everything could be resolved easily with eating. If the problem couldn’t be solved with just a single meal, one should have another.
  • After pondering for a moment while rubbing her chin, Yan Anmo decided to save some money by going to a less expensive restaurant. Hence, she dragged Xi Zhiheng to a small restaurant instead. As they walked, she said, “Uncle Seven, I went to see Anne just now.”
  • “Oh?” An icy look flashed through Xi Zhiheng’s eyes. Evidently, he disliked the woman very much.
  • “There, there, Uncle Seven!” Yan Anmo pulled his arm and said, “Relax, she didn’t do anything to me; she only told me something.”
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