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Chapter 319 The Truth

  • Zhou said with a giggle, “Miss Yan, President Xi said that he’s about to bring some midnight snacks for you. Are you really sure you aren’t going to reply to his message?”
  • Yan Anmo looked determined, but she subconsciously reached out her bandaged hand toward Zhou. Even so, there was still an angry tone in her voice. “I won’t!”
  • Zhou chuckled as she quickly handed the cell phone to Yan Anmo, who read through the text message. It wrote, ‘Anmo, I’ll be there in a while. What would you like to have for a midnight snack? I’ll bring it to you.’
  • Yan Anmo hemmed twice. After thinking for an eternity, she made Zhou reply, ‘I want to have a hotpot with rice and Dapanji.’
  • However, Zhou did not send the message after hesitating for a long time. She rubbed her nose in amusement and asked, “Miss Yan, didn’t you say that you wanted to eat hotpot with chicken and pork intestines lately? The other hotpot is nourishing and not spicy at all. Why don’t we ask President Xi to buy this instead?”
  • Yan Anmo rolled her eyes and turned away without answering Zhou’s question.
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