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Chapter 309 Acting Like a Spoiled Child

  • Upon hearing his words, Yan Anmo breathed a sigh of relief again. “You should have told me sooner. I thought that I’m really disfigured.”
  • “Are you afraid now?”
  • “Would any girl be not afraid of it?” Yan Anmo retorted.
  • “Don’t worry. You only have cuts and bruises. It’s not that serious.” Although Tang Nianrui was going to reach out and pat Yan Anmo on her head, he did not dare to do so upon seeing her bandaged head.
  • At this moment, a nurse brought Xi Zhiheng, who was in a wheelchair, back from his walk.
  • When he saw Yan Anmo had regained consciousness, he hurriedly pushed his wheelchair to her bedside and looked at her worriedly. “Anmo, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”
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