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Chapter 305 Love

  • “Haven’t they been competing with each other for so many years? Since you’re worried that things might go south, then let Xi Minghao handle it himself. We only have to give him the proof that shows that Xi Zhiheng has lost his memories and we will have nothing to do with it anymore. By then, even if Xi Minghao comes up short, it will have nothing to do with us.”
  • With that, Ji Yiqing let out an evil sneer. “Stop hesitating, Dad. Opportunity does not knock twice. If we want to bring Xi Zhiheng down, this will be our window of opportunity.”
  • “You’re undoubtedly my daughter. What a good plan! Great!” Mr. Ji was shocked by Ji Yiqing’s transformation. It had been over just the interval of one night, but she seemed like she had become so mature.
  • Ji Yiqing put on a satisfied smile with her red lips as a look of cruelness emerged from within her eyes.
  • Xi Zhiheng, you brought all of these upon yourself. Don’t blame me for it.
  • Xi Zhiheng, who was currently seated in a first class seat of the aircraft, let out a powerful sneeze. Yan Anmo then showed care to him. “What’s the matter, Uncle Seven? Have you caught a cold?”
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