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Chapter 301 Intrusion

  • “You are?” Mr. Wang had never met Yan Anmo before. Although he heard of her name before, this was the first time he had actually seen her in person.
  • “Yan Anmo.”
  • Vivi knew how serious the matter was the moment she was pushed away by Mr. Wang. Now, she worried that he might find out she was the one who was messing around with Yan Anmo in the first place. Hence, she held onto Mr. Wang while crying and pleading for help.
  • However, no matter how lubricious Mr. Wang was, he was not an idiot. Under circumstances like this, he would never choose to defend Vivi no matter how stupid he was.
  • In fact, he knew exactly what happened the moment he heard Yan Anmo’s name. As such, he swung his arm and gave Vivi a slap across her face. He then bellowed furiously, “You b*tch, how many times have I warned you not to mess with Yan Anmo? Why won’t you listen to me?”
  • “Mr. Wang, I didn’t mess with her! She was the one who taunted me first.” At the moment, Vivi could only rely on Mr. Wang for support; she would really be finished if he abandoned her now. Hence, she had no choice but to lie and hoped that Mr. Wang would save her one more time for the sake of everything she did for him in the past.
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