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Chapter 297 Sightseeing

  • Whipping out her phone, she kept calling Tang Nianrui’s phone number. No matter how many times she made the call, Tang Nianrui seemed to have not heard it, and there was no response at all.
  • Yan Anmo was so anxious that her face turned pale, and she could only pound on the door over and over again.
  • Unexpectedly, her actions did not wake Tang Nianrui up, but it disturbed a hotel staff who was taking a nap in a cubicle not far away.
  • “Madam, do you need any help?” Seeing her anxious face, the staff asked thoughtfully.
  • Seeing someone coming, Yan Anmo suddenly thought of something and clenched the phone in her hand tightly. “Hello, the gentleman who is staying with me can’t be reached this morning. May I have a look at the surveillance video?”
  • “What is your room number, madam?”
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