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Chapter 294 Bungee Jump

  • “Uncle Seven, can you not be angry at me because of Feng Min again? There really is nothing between him and me, and I really treat him as nothing else but an elder.”
  • Xi Zhiheng had been silent all the while, so Yan Anmo could only explain herself again as she thought that he didn’t believe what she had said.
  • However, Xi Zhiheng took her into his arms in the next second. Then, she heard his tender voice saying, “You silly girl. I believe in you.”
  • “Really?” Yan Anmo blinked her eyes in pleasant surprise.
  • “Yes.” Xi Zhiheng didn’t overstate his feelings, but a ‘yes’ was sufficient to tell everything.
  • Now that she had poured out her heart to him, Yan Anmo instantly felt that a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders; even the surrounding air felt much fresher.
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