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Chapter 284 A Treat

  • Yan Anmo’s psychological barrier had immediately fallen apart after being wrapped in Xi Zhiheng’s arms; she could not help but to burst into tears. “Uncle Seven, I’m really afraid.”
  • “Don’t be scared. All of it is already in the past.” Xi Zhiheng comforted Yan Anmo while hinting at Housekeeper Liu behind her back.
  • Housekeeper Liu quickly understood what he meant and left the room silently.
  • Yan Anmo was like a terrified rabbit, burying her head in Xu Zhiheng’s chest as she could not hold back the fear.
  • “Uncle Seven, would I have been dead if I really got hit?”
  • “Nonsense.” Xi Zhiheng discontentedly put up a sullen look on his face. He held Yan Anmo’s little face with his huge hands as he warned her, “Don’t you ever say something like this again. Understand?”
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